NASA’s annual Joint Symposium of the NASA
Administrator’s Fellowship Program (NAFP) and the Harriett G.
Jenkins Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Program (JPFP) is underway.
NASA is highlighting the two major agency initiatives that
address the workforce diversity pipeline, and university
research and development capability.

Twenty-eight NAFP and 60 JPFP Fellows will participate in
orientation, networking and professional development during
the Symposium under this year’s theme, “NAFP and JPFP:
Impacting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Education and the Workforce Pipeline.” NASA will announce
the four recipients of its NAFP Faculty Research Awards,
valued at $25,000 each, during the Symposium.

The purpose of the NAFP is to enhance the professional
development of NASA employees in grades GS-13 and higher, and
that of Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology
faculty from Minority-Serving Institutions (MSI) who hold a
Ph.D. or Sc.D. degree. Since it was created in 1997, 22
Historically Black Colleges and Universities, seven Hispanic-
Serving Institutions and two Tribal Colleges and Universities
have taken part in the NAFP. NAFP also seeks to increase the
overall capacity of MSIs to respond to NASA’s research and
development needs.

The JPFP provides annual, full-time, underrepresented
graduate students in science, technology and education with
financial support for their education in NASA-related
disciplines. Students are selected for fellowships that
include an annual six-week, hands-on research experience at a
NASA Center. Fellowship tenure is three years for candidates
seeking a master’s degree or Ph.D. in fields including
aeronautics, astronomy, biology, earth sciences, computer
science, mathematics, physics and engineering.
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