NASA has awarded a fixed price, indefinite delivery,
indefinite quantity contract to 8 Maryland and Northern
Virginia companies for the Scientific Engineering and
Workstation Procurement (SEWP III). The contract award has
a minimum value of $60,000 and a maximum value of $4
billion. The SEWP III contract is a follow-on to the SEWP
II contract, which expired July 15, 2001

The Scientific and Engineering Workstation Procurement
(SEWP) supports NASA’s requirements for high-performance
information technology that will provides flexibility,
functionality, high-speed connectivity and performance
growth. This procurement makes available state-of-the-art
commercial hardware and software products, improves
compatibility between systems and maximizes flexibility
through established government and industry standards. This
objective will ensure a cost-effective growth path for the
government by providing for competition in information-
technology acquisitions.

A list of the companies can be found online at:

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