NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Fla., has awarded a cost-
plus-award-fee/performance-based contract to Dynamac Corp.,
Rockville, Md., to perform a variety of life science and
personnel services at the center.

Under the contract, Dynamac will provide services that
include medical planning operations for the Space Shuttle and
International Space Station; environmental compliance and
stewardship; life sciences payloads operations; agency
occupational health services; biological sciences; life
sciences payload development; workforce protection, fitness
and musculoskeletal rehabilitation; and education outreach.

The contract features a three-year, nine-month basic period
of performance beginning Jan. 1, 2002, with two options for a
potential seven-year, nine-month contract term. The basic
contract’s estimated cost plus award-fee is more than $54
million with a potential value that exceeds $119 million over
the entire period, inclusive of both options.

The work will be performed at Kennedy and at NASA facilities
located on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla. Dynamac is
the incumbent contractor currently performing this work under
the Life Science Support Contract.