In response to a NASA research announcement, the agency
today awarded 72 grants to study Earth’s oceans and ice that
will increase our understanding of Earth’s climate system and
improve our ability to model climate change.

The grants, totaling approximately $23 million, will support
research over a three-year period by numerous government
organizations and academic institutions. Proposals were
evaluated on their ability to enhance NASA’s ongoing research
in biological and physical oceanography, ice sheets, sea ice
and computer modeling.

“NASA is dedicated to better understanding and protecting our
home planet,” said Dr. Ghassem Asrar, associate
administrator, Office of Earth Science, NASA Headquarters,
Washington. “These awards are a vital element in our efforts
to accomplish this goal and will contribute to our knowledge
of Earth’s water cycle, an area of increasing importance in
the new millennium. In particular, improvements to climate
modeling capabilities will lead to production of better
climate forecast products for the nation and our policy and
decision makers.”

NASA received 276 proposals in response to its research
announcement last October. The awards were made following a
vigorous peer review process involving scientific and
technical experts from academia, government and industry.3v–Y«E

A list of the selected principal investigators, institutions
and research titles (by state) can be found on the Internet

For more information on NASA’s Earth Science Enterprise and
its oceanography and climate modeling research programs,
please visit: