NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center, Fla., has selected
Analex Corp., Brook Park, Ohio, for the award of the
Expendable Launch Vehicle Integrated Support (ELVIS)
contract. This is a new performance-based, fixed-price/cost-
plus-award-fee contract to perform various integrated support
services for the NASA Expendable Vehicle (ELV) Program Office
located at Kennedy.

Under the ELVIS contract, Analex will provide a broad range
of ELV support services for NASA requirements at Kennedy;
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla.; Vandenberg Air Force
Base, Calif.; and other launch site locations. This includes
management, operation and maintenance of facilities, systems
and equipment, as well as specified technical and
administrative capabilities.

The contract covers responsibility for furnishing engineering
services; performing safety and mission assurance functions;
and providing communications, data and telemetry support. In
addition, at Vandenberg Analex will also be responsible for
maintenance of NASA’s administrative, launch support and
spacecraft facilities, mission support planning, and customer
support for payload processing activities.

The contract has a one-month phase-in period beginning June
1, 2002, to be followed by a three-year, three-month basic
period of performance. There are two options of three years
each for a potential nine-year, four-month contract term. The
contract value for the basic performance period is $54.9
million. The potential contract value including all priced
options over nine years, four months is $163.7 million.