For Release: November 1, 1999

Pam Caswell
(Bus: 216/433-5795)

Lori J. Rachul
(Bus: 216/433-8806)

NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH, has awarded a contract to ADF Corporation,
Brook Park, OH, to provide activities in the design, development, fabrication, assembly, test,
delivery and operation of microgravity research payloads.

ADF Corporation will support NASA principle investigators in preparing their experiments for
such flight research facilities as the Space Shuttle, sounding rockets and the International
Space Station.

The contract provides for a base period of five years and three one-year options totaling a target
value of approximately $79 million plus additional opportunities for growth. It is performance
based and will be accomplished through indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity delivery orders.
The delivery orders will be fixed price, incentive firm; firm fixed price; or cost plus incentive fee.

Glenn researchers and their university partners conduct fluid physics experiments to learn how
fluids behave and combustion science experiments to learn how flames and the products of
combustion behave without the effects of gravity. The information learned can be used in a
variety of applications including improved spacecraft cooling methods in space and firefighting
and fire safety procedures on Earth as well as in space.