In conjunction with Space Day activities, Tallahassee news media
representatives will have a rare opportunity on April 2 to take part in an
informal question-and-answer session with NASA astronauts, observe state
legislators speaking to the crew aboard the International Space Station and
cover a Space Art Contest winner.

Space Day is an annual event in Tallahassee designed to increase
awareness of the nation’s space program and its importance in Florida.

Astronauts living aboard the International Space Station are
scheduled to engage in a conversation, at about 12:30 p.m., with Gov. Jeb
Bush, Lt. Gov. Frank Brogan and Speaker of the House Tom Feeney who will be
standing on the floor of the House Chamber in Tallahassee.

Following the Space Station conversation, at about 1 p.m.,
astronauts Ken Cockrell, Mark Polansky and David Brown will be available for
an informal brief question-and-answer session at the House Office Building,
fifth floor Press Gallery. Cockrell and Polansky are veterans of the Shuttle
while Brown is scheduled to make his first flight next year.

At 1:30 p.m., High School Senior Rachel Liles from Dixie County High
School in Old Town, Fla., will be recognized as the winner of a state wide
art contest sponsored by Kennedy Space Center and several contractors.
Astronauts and Florida Commissioner of Education, Charlie Crist, are
scheduled to present Liles with a savings bond. Student art work will be
displayed on the 22nd floor of the New Capitol Building on April 2.

Meanwhile, the public is invited to learn more about NASA programs
through exhibits displayed in front of City Hall on Saturday, March 31 for
“Springtime Tallahassee.” Displays highlighting the space program will also
be open to the public inside the Capitol on April 2.

The Kennedy Space Center is one of NASA’s largest centers, employing
13,500 contractor and civil service employees.