NASA has selected thirty-five researchers to receive
grants to study microgravity fluid physics that may result in
beneficial applications for long-duration missions,
exploration of other planets and enhancing life on Earth.

The grants, totaling approximately $14.4 million over four
years, offer investigators the opportunity to use low-gravity
environments to enhance understanding of fundamental physical
and chemical processes associated with space flight.

Researchers will use NASA’s microgravity research facilities
such as drop-tubes, drop-towers, aircraft flying parabolic
trajectories and sounding rockets, with the goal of working
toward experiments on the International Space Station and
space shuttle flights.

This research is sponsored by NASA’s Office of Biological and
Physical Research, which solicited proposals to conduct
ground- and space-based research in fluid physics.

NASA received 209 proposals in response to this research
announcement. The proposals were all peer-reviewed by
scientific and technical experts from academia, government and

A list of awardees (by state) and their institutions and
research titles can be found on Internet at: