NASA has named six new members and eight new consultants
to the Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel.

The Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) is a senior
advisory committee reporting to NASA and the U.S. Congress.
The panel was established by Congress after the 1967 Apollo 1
spacecraft fire, which killed U.S. astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed
White and Roger Chaffee.

New members include:

  • Otto Goetz, former Chief Engineer of the Space Shuttle
    Main Engine (SSME) Project;

  • Sid Guttierrez, former astronaut, currently Manager of the
    Physical Sciences Department, Sandia National Laboratories;

  • Shirley McCarty, former Principal Director of Software
    Engineering at The Aerospace Corporation;

  • Retired Admiral Paul Reason, former Commander in Chief,
    U.S. Atlantic Fleet;

  • Roger Schaufele, Professor of Aircraft Design, California
    State University;

  • Robert Sieck, former Director of Shuttle Processing, NASA
    Kennedy Space Center.

    New Consultants include:

  • Dr. Wanda Austin, Senior Vice President, The Aerospace

  • Richard Bruckman, former Director of the FA-18 Weapon
    System Support Activity, China Lake;

  • Dr. Ulf Goranson, former Chief Engineer at Boeing’s
    Structure Labs;

  • Dr. Bernard Harris, former astronaut, currently Director
    of The Harris Foundation;

  • Dr. Nancy Leveson, Professor, Aeronautics Department,
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology;

  • Forrest McCartney, former Vice President for Launch
    Operations, Lockheed Martin;

  • Julian May, former Vice President for Technical
    Operations, Delta Airlines;

  • Art Zygielbaum, former Technical Lead, NASA Jet Propulsion

    Additional information on the Panel may be found on the
    Internet at: