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RELEASE: 00-162

NASA Administrator Hosts Agency-University Partnership Conference
NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin kicks off a major new higher-
education initiative Oct. 19 as part of a unique live broadcast
originating from Headquarters in Washington, DC.

This new program is designed to strengthen the Agency’s
partnerships with the nation’s universities and colleges. The
conference will originate from the James E. Webb auditorium from 1
to 4 p.m. EDT and can be seen on both NASA Television and the
World Wide Web.

“A stronger partnership with academia will mean a stronger space
agency and a stronger nation as a result,” said Goldin. “NASA has
a long tradition of working closely with universities and colleges
in order to further our mutual research and education goals.
Together, NASA and academia will meet the challenges of America’s

The broadcast and webcast interactive gathering will be moderated
by the Senior Advisor to the Administrator, Gen. Spence Armstrong.
The conference will also feature presentations, including
question-and-answer sessions, from top Agency leaders in the major
NASA Enterprises, including the offices of Space Science, Earth
Science, Biological and Physical Research, Human Exploration and
Development of Space, and Aerospace Technology.

New opportunities, both intellectual and financial, will be
presented and discussed during the three-hour conference. “We’ve
listened to both suggestions and complaints from the academic
community, and we believe that we have responded to the
complaints,” added Armstrong. “We’re pursuing budget increases as
part of this initiative which will provide increased opportunities
for universities and colleges to participate in NASA’s mission.”
More information about the conference and how to participate in
the interactive broadcast and webcast can be found at:


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