Boehlert announces NASA will partner with Utica Children’s Museum – Praises work of NASA-funded Institute in Auburn

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Sherwood Boehlert, Chairman of the House Science Committee today welcomed NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe to Oneida and Cayuga Counties.   “NASA is already doing incredible work across the region,” Boehlert said, “I am optimistic that today’s visit will spur more NASA partnerships in Central New York.”

At a gathering of children and their parents at the Utica Children’s Museum, O’Keefe stated NASA has agreed to provide science and space exhibits to the Museum on a continuing basis.

“This is fantastic news for our area,” Boehlert said, “bringing NASA together with the Utica Children’s Museum will help spark the imagination of young people for years to come.”  


Prior to visiting the Children’s Museum, Boehlert and O’Keefe toured the Air Force Research Laboratory-Information Directorate at Rome where they received an update on the progress of joint NASA-AFRL research championed by Boehlert.  Boehlert secured $5 million in last year’s NASA budget for joint NASA-Air Force research at Rome. 

After visiting Utica-Rome, Boehlert and Administrator O’Keefe traveled to Auburn to attend a luncheon with local civic and business leaders.  They also toured the NASA-funded Institute for the Application of Geopspatial Technologies (IAGT) at Cayuga Community College.

“The Institute is critical for economic development in the region,” Boehlert said, “job creation in the 21st century can only happen with a 21st century system of education.”

Using NASA-developed technology, 16 Institute scientists and engineers are helping improve the accuracy of the flood maps in New York State.  Boehlert secured $4 million over two years through FEMA for the effort, with the Institute and local companies such as PAR Technology participating.

“I am delighted the Institute is contributing to this project,” Boehlert said, “it’s a classic win-win. Taxpayers benefit from improved flood prediction and response and high-tech jobs are created in Central New York.”