DENVER – November 29, 2023 – Multiverse Media Inc., a Denver-based integrated media company that recently merged with SpaceNews, announces that it will focus its immediate efforts on growing its profitable SpaceNews brand and restructuring other divisions within the company to ensure sustainable growth.

Moving over to the SpaceNews brand in a content management role is SpaceRef founder Marc Boucher, who will help grow the SpaceNews virtual event series and spearhead data automation efforts. Also moving to SpaceNews is SpaceRef news editor Dan Robitzski, who will manage the newsletter products and contribute to SpaceNews’s ongoing magazine development.

The longtime reference site SpaceRef will be integrated into SpaceNews and continue its charter as a source of reference material for the space industry. Multiverse’s film and book production efforts will be spun off into a new company, while the NewSpace Global, Parabolic Arc and 2211 websites will be redirected to, which is by far the largest content creator in the Multiverse portfolio.

As part of the restructuring, vice chairman Dylan Taylor will relinquish his Multiverse board seat to space and media veteran Greg Thomas. Given the focus on the flagship SpaceNews as well as Multiverse’s technology transformation, Greg, as a former CEO of SpaceNews and current CTO of Multiverse, is ideally suited to serve on the board. Dylan Taylor commented, “It was my goal to create the first global space media organization. Now that the merger is complete and the team is in place, I can step away as planned and trust the Multiverse team to proceed with SpaceNews as the first step in what will be an exciting journey.”

Explains Multiverse CEO Andy Pemberton: “SpaceNews is the leading news platform in space media and the flagship of Multiverse Media. We’re integrating intellectual property and data streams from other Multiverse brands to streamline information creation and delivery with the goal of making SpaceNews the sole source for the most extensive and robust space market content. We welcome Marc and Dan to the SpaceNews team and look forward to announcing more exciting developments in 2024.” Pemberton added, “These moves will allow Multiverse & SpaceNews to continue our journalistic excellence and be responsive to our readers, sponsors, and advertisers.”

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