Motorola Inc.
Thursday announced the launch of their advanced radio
frequency communication equipment for the International Space Station
on board NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery.

Discovery contains two new segments for the International Space
Station, one of which is the main truss that holds advanced radio
frequency communications equipment designed and developed by
Motorola’s Integrated Information Systems Group (IISG) in Scottsdale.

Two sets of equipment, each consisting of an S-Band tracking,
telemetry, and control (TT&C) transponder and S-Band assembly and
contingency baseband signal processor (ACBSP), are located in two
separate areas of the Space Station’s main truss, providing the vital
communications link between Earth and the spacecraft.

All of the spacecraft’s commands are transmitted and received
through these transponders and processors.

“With more and more segments of the space station being launched
and installed, we’re all that much closer to successfully inhabiting
space,” said Ron Taylor, vice president and general manager of
Motorola’s Space Systems and Services Division.

“Each member of Motorola’s dedicated ISS team can feel proud to
know that they are not just playing a part in history, but that their
hard work to ensure that the communications equipment on the Space
Station has been built with such quality is helping to keep the lives
of ISS astronauts safe.”

The Space Shuttle Discovery launched on NASA’s 100th shuttle
flight at 4:17 p.m. MST on Oct. 11, 2000, carrying the seven-astronaut
crew of STS-92 on a crucial construction trip to the International
Space Station (ISS).

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