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Celestis, Inc. (Houston, Texas), the world leader in post-cremation memorial
spaceflight services, announced today the following new services for the
general public:

Voyager Service: Launches cremated remains into deep space on an infinite
journey among the stars. The maiden voyage is scheduled aboard the Encounter
2001 spacecraft.

Lunar Service: Launches cremated remains into Lunar orbit or onto the Moon’s

Celestis is the company that pioneered post cremation spaceflight memorials
by launching a symbolic portion of the cremated remains of Star Trek creator
Gene Roddenberry and 60’s pop icon Timothy Leary into space, and has
recently provided its lunar services, in cooperation with NASA, to place Dr.
Eugene Shoemaker’s remains on the lunar surface, symbolically making Dr.
Shoemaker the first man from Earth to be buried on the Moon.

“Space remains the domain of the few, the dream of many,” said R. Chan
Tysor, president of Celestis, Inc. “With Celestis, the dream can finally be
realized…a final chance to become part of the universe, by being one with
the universe.”

Celestis has begun its countdown for the next launch. Funeral homes locally
and internationally are offering the Celestis service to the general public
and are now beginning to take reservations.

Individuals from around the world have chosen Celestis services to honor
departed loved ones, or to pre-plan their own memorials with a journey to
space. Each Celestis capsule is inscribed with the deceased’s name and
personal message as a tribute to the fulfillment of each individual’s dreams
of a singular space journey, messages include: “Have A Great Flight Dad,”
“What A Magnificent View,” “Heaven Sent, Heaven Bound,” “My Spirit Roams The
Stars,” “Going To Heaven To See God’s Grace,” “Be Among The Stars You

For more information on Celestis, Celestis services, or Encounter 2001,
please contact 1-800-ORBIT-11 or visit the Celestis website at, or the Encounter 2001 website at