Moog Inc.
announced today that United Space Alliance, LLC (USA) of Cape Canaveral,
Florida has awarded the Company a five-year long-term contract for
$48.2 million to refurbish the flight control hardware for the Space Shuttle.
USA is a Limited Liability Company jointly owned by the Boeing Company and
Lockheed Martin Corporation.
Established in 1996, USA is NASA’s prime
contractor for the Space Shuttle program.

The Shuttles have been in service for over 20 years and have flown 103
missions., NASA has announced that the upgrades process will ensure continued
safe Shuttle operations through the end of this decade, and provide assurance
that the Shuttle could operate into the next decade, if needed. The
refurbishment begins in August of 2001 and will continue through September of
Under a separately funded program, Moog is responsible for the ongoing
refurbishment of the motors for the solid rocket boosters which are recovered
after launch.

“Moog’s actuators steer the main engines on the orbiter.
We also have
elevon actuators on the wings and a hydraulic valve module that controls the
rudder and speed brake,” said R.T. Brady, Chairman and CEO of Moog Inc.
is a big job and good business for us — as was the original program.
award establishes us as a major subcontractor to United Space Alliance —
we’re looking forward to working with them on this program.”

Moog Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of precision control components and
Moog’s high-performance actuation products control military and
commercial aircraft, satellites and space vehicles, launch vehicles, missiles
and automated industrial machinery.