The Content Bridge Alliance, HD3, Inktomi, Interliant, NaviSite Inc. and NXTCOM are among today’s leading technology and service providers making the MirRe-Entry Observation Expedition available to Internet viewers around the world. Millions of Website Visitors Expected.’s airborne expedition to film and broadcast the
controlled de-orbit of Russia’s Mir Space Station stands as yet
another milestone in the evolution of the Web, promising to be one of
the largest single webcasting events yet.

With the help of a select group of technology companies, will deliver complete video coverage of the Russian
space station’s spectacular re-entry to millions of Internet users.

“Bringing together such an impressive group of companies has been
truly crucial to the success of,” said Robert S.
Belzer, Internet Producer for HD3. “Services like HD3’s High
Definition Media Transfer(TM) technology are helping the expedition
deliver a rich media solution that can handle what may very well be
the largest Internet broadcast ever.” HD3 is a full service multimedia
company providing integrated broadband network solutions to companies
around the world.

Coverage by the nation’s largest web portals and overwhelming
attention from news television networks are expected to drive millions
of unique visitors to the website in the 72 hours following the Mir
Space Station’s de-orbit. To handle this extraordinary traffic, the
expedition’s organizers have drawn on the expertise of the technology
industry’s most respected companies. Together, these companies are
delivering highly scalable and reliable streaming and hosting
technology to ensure that site visitors are able to view the re-entry
footage even as website traffic rises to near-record levels.

“We are very excited to be a part of this event,” said Joel Rosen,
president and CEO of NaviSite, a managed hosting provider. “With
millions of anticipated visitors to, NaviSite’s
streamOS(TM) technology will help to ensure the performance,
scalability and seamless viewing an event of this magnitude demands.”

NaviSite’s(TM) streamOS(TM) content management solution, working
in conjunction with HD3’s(TM) High Definition Media Transfer(TM) will
help to ensure that the event, distributed using NXTCOM’s(TM)
eTheater(TM), is stable and highly scalable.

“The Mir webcast is an important opportunity to define new ways
for monetizing content,” reported NXTCOM CEO Joshua Pollack. NXTCOM’s
unique web advertising technology creates a robust, interactive user
interface that gives Internet advertisers a highly effective means of
integrating their messaging into the Internet’s most popular content.

Interliant Inc. is hosting and managing the site on
a dedicated server at one of its state-of-the-art U.S. data centers.
“Interliant’s managed hosting technology will ensure site availability
throughout the flurry of activity surrounding this momentous event,”
said Jon Naphin, vice president of Interliant’s Web Hosting division.
Interliant’s U.S. date centers have been developed with high-load
sites in mind and feature multiple high-speed OC-12 connections as
well as backup power to ensure 99.5% uptime.

Inktomi and the Content Bridge(TM) Alliance will
play a crucial role in ensuring quick website loading as millions of
Internet users visit the site. The Content Bridge Alliance(TM)
facilitates cross-network content distribution, allowing service
providers like NaviSite to store content directly in member access
networks like AOL and providing Internet viewers with fast local
access to popular events like the Mir Space Station re-entry. Content
Bridge leverages Inktomi’s proven content networking technology which
includes the Inktomi® Traffic Server® network cache platform as
well as live and on-demand streaming services to deliver rich media
and web content to customers worldwide.

“Inktomi’s proven Internet infrastructure software builds
efficiency, scale and intelligence into networks to support end-user
demands of the Internet,” said Peter Galvin of Inktomi, chair of the
Content Bridge Alliance executive advisory committee. “The Content
Bridge Alliance’s ability to pre-populate access networks with popular
content provides a cost-effective way to manage
expected traffic spikes and preserve bandwidth.”

This expedition has required tremendous coordination, and is proud to claim these technology companies as
equal partners in what promises to be a milestone in space history and
web broadcasting.

About HD3

HD3 is a full service multimedia company providing integrated
broadband network solutions. HD3 utilizes patent-pending High
Definition acquisition techniques borrowed from feature film
production. HD3’s High Definition Media Transfer(TM) technology offers
the best image quality, optimizing any available bandwidth for rich
media distribution. Through partnerships with world-class hardware,
software and networking firms, HD3 leads the way in digital
acquisition, innovative system deployments, ease-of-use and
quality-of-service. Industry leaders in High Definition and Broadband
media founded the Los Angeles-based company in 2000.

About Inktomi

Based in Foster City, Calif., Inktomi develops and markets
scalable infrastructure software that is essential to the Internet.
Inktomi’s business is divided into Network Products, comprised of
industry leading solutions for network caching, content distribution,
and media broadcasting; Search Solutions, providing search and content
classification products and services to Internet portals, destination
sites and enterprises; Commerce Engine, consisting of product search
and merchandising services; and Wireless technologies. Inktomi
customer and strategic partner base includes leading companies such as
America Online, AT&T, British Telecommunications, Excite@Home, Intel,
iWon, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Nokia, RealNetworks, Sun Microsystems,
and Yahoo! The company has offices in North America, Asia and Europe.
For more information visit Inktomi, Content
Bridge, Traffic Server and the tri-colored cube logo are trademarks or
registered trademarks of Inktomi Corporation in the United States and
other countries.

About Interliant

Interliant, Inc. is a leading global application
service provider (ASP) and pioneer in the ASP market. Interliant’s
INIT Solutions Suite includes messaging and knowledge management,
security, e-commerce, customer relationship management, enterprise
resource planning, distributed learning, Web-site hosting and
Web-based rental applications. Interliant, headquartered in Purchase,
NY, has forged strategic alliances with the world’s leading software,
networking and hardware manufacturers including Microsoft, and Lotus Development Corp. For more information about
Interliant, visit or call 800/266-4000.

About NaviSite, Inc.

NaviSite, Inc. is a leading provider of out-sourced Web hosting
and managed application services for companies conducting
mission-critical business on the Internet, including enterprises and
other businesses deploying Internet applications. The Company’s goal
is to help customers focus on their core competencies by outsourcing
the management and hosting of their Web operations and applications,
allowing customers to fundamentally improve the ROI of their Web
operations. NaviSite is a majority-owned operating company of CMGI,
Inc. with minority investment from Microsoft Corporation. For more
information about NaviSite, please visit or by phone
on the East Coast call 888/298-8222, and on the West Coast call
888/755-5525. NaviSite is headquartered at 400 Minuteman Road,
Andover, MA 01810.

NaviSite’s Streaming Media Group (SMG) is a leading outsource
service provider for end-to-end streaming needs. With the expansion
from a managed site hosting company to an integrated streaming
services provider, NaviSite offers the highest quality production,
management, broadcast, and service experience to customers who want to
stream programming. The SMG provides the complete infrastructure, from
filming the event to delivery over the Internet for live, on-demand
and interactive video chat events. NaviSite SMG is located at 4225
Executive Square Suite 700, La Jolla, CA 92037

About the NXTCOM CORP.

NXTCOM CORP. (NXT) is the leader in next-generation Internet
advertising. Through the distribution and exhibition of content via
its network of eTheaters, the company can effectively monetize content
on the Internet. The NXT advertising solution is far superior to the
current banner advertising environment and provides the advertiser
broad creative control while delivering a brand exposure time greater
than any existing advertising media. NXTCOM CORP. is currently
privately funded. For more information about the NXTCOM CORP., please
call 212/779-6699, or visit The NXTCOM CORP. is
headquartered in New York City at 136 Madison Avenue, 8th Floor, New
York, N.Y. 10016.