Mir cosmonauts Sergei Zalyotin and Alexander Kalery were in movement throughout the space station today as they continue preparing the facility for a full program of commercial and scientific activities during their 60-day stay.

After a 19h00 GMT wakeup Monday evening, Kalery activated the Kvant module’s Vozdukh carbon dioxide removal unit – which is an element of the station’s life support system.

He also performed preventative maintenance on the station’s gyrodines in both the Kvant and Kvant 2 modules. These power gyroscopes are an important part of Mir’s attitude control system.

Kalery then went into the Kristall module, where he replaced a circulation fan.

Zalyotin spent time stowing used equipment in the Progress cargo vehicle, which is docked to the end of the station. He then focused his work on activating a contaminants filter in Mir’s life support system.

Kalery turned on the station’s Potok-15MK air revitalization assembly, and then updated the station’s inventory database.

Exercises were performed by the Mir crew, followed by a meal and by preparations for tomorrow’s activity. The cosmonauts ended their day at 08h30 GMT.