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WHAT: Full Committee Hearing entitled: “Space Station Cost Overruns”

WHEN: Wednesday, April 4, 2001, 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

WHERE: 2318 Rayburn Building, Washington (WEBCAST)


* The Honorable Daniel S. Goldin, Administrator, NASA, will
testify on: (1) the current status and cost growth on the Space Station
program; (2) the underlying causes of the cost growth; and (3) the steps
NASA is taking to control cost growth and schedule slippage, manage risks
associated with increased reliance on international partners, and address
the re-prioritization of planned science.

* Ms. Marcia S. Smith, Specialist, Aerospace and
Telecommunications Policy, Congressional Research Service, will testify on:
(1) highlights of the Space Station program’s major milestones; and (2)
history of cost growth and program delays.

* Mr. Robert J. Polutchko, Member, Cost Assessment and
Validation (CAV) Task Force, will testify on: (1) findings and
recommendations of the 1998 CAV Task Force; (2) an assessment of the current
cost overrun; (3) recommendations to prevent further unforeseen cost growth.

* Mr. Russell A. Rau, Assistant Inspector General for Audits,
NASA, will testify on: (1) the overall management and adequacy of cost and
schedule reporting on the Space Station program; (2) NASA’s management of
Space Station contracts; and (3) adequacy of NASA’s independent review
process and cost estimating capabilities.

The Committee will examine the causes behind the cost overruns and
the changes made to the space station program in the FY 2002 budget.
Additionally, the Committee will question the negative effect the overruns
might have on the scientific ventures intended for the station and the
potential impact on other programs within NASA.