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(202) 777-7507

Media Advisory 2
2002 Spring Meeting in Washington, D.C.
May 28-31 (Tuesday-Friday)

Program and Abstracts Now Online


1. Abstracts Online
       A. Searching for Abstracts of Interest to You
       B. Finding Sessions at Spring Meeting
2. Press Conferences in Development
3. Press Registration Eligibility
4. Press Registration Form

1. Abstracts Online

All abstracts for 2002 Spring Meeting have been posted on the
AGU web site and may be accessed by a search tool:

       A. Searching for Abstracts of Interest to You

Reporters and public information officers may search for abstracts
of particular interest to them, by looking up any the following
parameters on the search tool above:

Name of a scientist
Name of an institution (e.g., university, government agency)
Geographic location (e.g., city, state, or country)
Topic (e.g., volcano, Io, erosion)

Up to three search parameters may be combined (e.g.,
presentations on earthquakes by scientists in Pennsylvania).
Full instructions are included on the search page.

Note: In searching for abstracts from a particular institution, it is
often more effective to search by e-mail address than by the name
of the institution. The latter may be written in different ways by
various authors (e.g., UCLA, University of California, Los
Angeles, Univ. of Cal. at Los Angeles, etc.), but all of their e-mail
addresses will presumably include "ucla." The search key word
"Affiliation" covers both names of institutions and their locations
(e.g., look for either Yale or New Haven under Affiliation).

The CD-ROM and printed volume of abstracts for this meeting
will be available in May. They will be sent at that time to Press
Room registrants who have requested them, while supplies last.
(See Press Registration Form, below.)

       B. Finding Sessions at Spring Meeting

The names, numerical designations, dates, times, and room
numbers of all Meeting sessions have been posted on the AGU
web site at

By clicking on the name of a Section (e.g., Hydrology,
Atmospheric Science), all of the sessions under that Section's
auspices will be displayed. Clicking on any of these sessions will
open a list of papers and/or posters associated with that session.
Clicking on the name of a particular paper will open its abstract,
including name and contact information for the lead author.

Many sessions are jointly sponsored by two or more Sections.
Union Sessions have the broadest interdisciplinary appeal. Room
numbers beginning "WCC" simply refer to Washington
Convention Center. Sessions in Hall D are poster sessions.

2. Press Conferences in Development

We are currently in the process of organizing press conferences on
some of Spring Meeting's  newsworthy sessions. We will send an
advisory with a preliminary listing of press conferences early in
May and the detailed list, including days, times, and participants,
about a week before the meeting.

For science writers who cannot attend the meeting, we will have a
conference call system by which you can dial in and listen to the
presentations and even ask questions. Details will be provided in a
subsequent advisory.

3. Press Registration Eligibility (repeated from Media Advisory 1)

Press registrants receive a badge that allows access to any of the
scientific sessions of the meeting, as well as to the Press Room,
Briefing Room, and other events specifically for media
representatives. No one will be admitted without a valid badge. A
registration form will be found at the end of this message.

Eligibility for press registration is limited to the following persons:
   A. Working press representing bona fide news media with a press
card, business card, or letter of introduction from an editor of the
   B. Freelance science writers, presenting a current membership
card from NASW, a regional affiliate of NASW, CSWA, SEJ, or
ISWA, or evidence of bylined work pertaining to science intended for
the general public and published in 2001 or 2002.
   C. Public information officers of scientific societies, educational
institutions, and government agencies.

Note: Representatives of the business side of news media,
publishing houses, and of for-profit corporations must register at
the main registration desk and pay the appropriate fees.

4. Press Registration Form (repeated from Media Advisory 1)

If possible, please use the online submission form at

If you prefer to e-mail, fax, or mail the form below, please do not
send back this entire media advisory, just the form itself. Send it
Harvey Leifert
2000 Florida Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20009

Fax: +1 202-328-0566

*** 2002 Spring Meeting Press Registration Form ***

Name (to be printed on badge):

Media or organizational affiliation:

Mailing Address:

Email Address:
If freelancer: Check below one basis of your eligibility below and
bring relevant proof to meeting.
      _____ Member of NASW
      _____ Regional affiliate of NASW
      _____ CSWA
      _____ ISWA
      _____ SEJ
      _____ Letter from recognized publication assigning you to
cover this meeting
      _____ Evidence of bylined science story published in 2001 or
Indicate preference for book or CD-ROM version (Check one box
      ____ I prefer a CD-ROM in advance of the meeting.
      ____ I prefer a bound volume in advance of the meeting.
How shall we send the abstracts?
      ____ Send Abstracts to me at the above address by USPS.
      ____ Send Abstracts to me at the above address (no P.O.
Boxes!) via express service
      ____ Do not send Abstracts in advance; hold for me in the
Press Room.

Name of express service (e.g. FedEx, UPS, etc.):
Class of service (e.g. next day, 2nd day, etc.):
My Account Number: