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New technologies for purifying water, simulating virtual reality, and
determining the effectiveness of thermal insulation blankets seem to
have little in common. Yet all three technologies originated at NASA’s
Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., and are among the
technological breakthroughs featured in a new publication.

“Spinoff,” published annually by NASA, contains success stories of
space program technology adapted for use in the private sector. The
1999 edition, featuring 40 NASA technologies transferred to American
businesses, is now available.

Beginning the third week in December, Spinoff 1999 can be viewed
online at:

or media may obtain a printed copy as indicated below.

Through licensing, U.S. patents owned by NASA are made available to
industry in return for royalties paid to the inventors and their NASA
centers. Since NASA was founded in 1958, technologies developed for
the space program have enabled American industry to introduce more
than 1,200 new or improved products, including items such as cordless
tools, motion simulators and smoke detectors.

For a printed copy of “Spinoff” or more information on technologies
transferred from the Marshall Center, media may contact Jerry Berg of
the Marshall Media Relations Department at (256) 544-0034 or by email

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