Washington, DC: Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-TX) today announced that he will introduce incoming NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe to the Johnson Space Center (JSC) on Thursday, January 17.Ê DeLay extended the invitation to O’Keefe during their first meeting on December 4, in DeLay’s Washington office, where they discussed the importance of the space community to the Houston region and the nation.Ê DeLay has been eager to show the new NASA Administrator the tremendous caliber of personnel and resources working at the JSC.

Congressman DeLay’s statement follows:

“Over the years, NASA has developed the technology that has made America the global leader in space exploration and innovation.Ê Some of the most sophisticated research and development was born at the Johnson Space Center.Ê I’m pleased to be joining our new NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe as he visits what we all consider our space program’s crowning jewel, the Johnson Space Center.”Ê


“Retaining U.S. dominance in space will require strong leadership, a bold challenge capable of engaging the public mind, and the vision to turn dreams into destiny.Ê As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I look forward to working with Administrator O’Keefe to ensure that Houston remains the capital city of space exploration.”