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The Space Frontier Foundation and The
Moon Society announced today they will co-sponsor a Lunar Development
Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 20 — the anniversary of Apollo
11’s historic landing on the Moon.

National Space Society (NSS) is a co-sponsor, and the event was
organized by Space Studies Institute (SSI). The conference is
underwritten by the Foundation for the International Non-Governmental
Development of Space (FINDS).

Pat Dasch, NSS Exec. Director, feels the conference will address crucial
questions in the quest for lunar utilization. “The Moon is going to be
key in the establishment of space resources,” she remarked, “and will
provide the testbed for sustainable outposts beyond the Earth.”

Conference chairperson Gregory Bennett is excited about the technical
and professional caliber of the presenters, adding “it looks like a
‘Who’s Who’ of lunar science, policy and enterprise.”

The Lunar Transportation session chairperson is Edward Belbruno of
Princeton Univeristy and Innovative Orbital Design, Inc. Madhu
Thangavelu of USC is session chair for Habitats and Architecture.
Steve Durst, Lunar Enterprise Corp. and Publisher, Space Age Publishing
is chair for Lunar Enterprise, and Pete Rustan, aviation consultant for
the Clementine mission, is the Lunar Science session chair. Among the
speakers will be Alan Binder, Lunar Research Institute and Wendell
Mendell, NASA/JSC.

This conference is open to the general public. You may call us at
1(800) 78-SPACE for more information, or visit our website and register
online: http://www.space-frontier.org

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