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Lockheed Martin today announced the release of its Intelligent Library System (ILS)TM Version 2.0. This integrated hardware and software solution for digital imagery management automates digital archive functions, streamlines production workflow and offers tools that extract information from detailed, layered imagery.
The Intelligent Library System (ILS)TM provides enabling technology for customers engaged in geospatial imagery applications such as surveillance, environmental monitoring and disaster recovery using aerial photos and satellite imagery. It can also form the hub of a complete data management system, or support large digital systems for the medical or entertainment industries. In the case of satellite images, which are exceptionally large and complex, the system’s automated features quickly prove themselves indispensable as imagery files rapidly exceed thousands of Gigabytes. While the Intelligent Library System (ILS)TM is fully scalable from only a few thousand Gigabytes (several Terabytes), its largest installation was designed for 5000 Terabytes of data and 10 million files for managing years of data collection and storage.
"With Release 2.0 we are able to offer our customers increased automation of data management as well as provide a valuable upgrade to our advanced search and order capabilities," said Bob Schreiner, Lockheed Martin Intelligent Library System (ILS)TM Chief System Architect. "By integrating the latest software products from leading industry vendors with our own unique tools, we have succeeded in dramatically raising the bar of performance."
Enhancements to Intelligent Library System (ILS)TM in Version 2.0 include:
Automated format recognition, metadata extraction and thumbnail generation for the new IKONOS imagery, in addition to automated handling of SpotImage, Radarsat, Landsat and IRSS formats.
Enhancement of the query result screen with presentation of thumbnail images that can be enlarged to browse images for final review before ordering or entering them into the shopping cart.
Refinement of search capabilities based on geographic areas drawn on a map as well as word definitions. This includes specification of characteristics searched for within a geographical boundary, e.g. to find all imagery in a given region with a ground sample distance less than 5 meters taken between July and September 1999.
Improved output capabilities including automated generation of tape or CD products with content manifests, in addition to electronic dissemination capabilities. Ability to extract a portion of an image as a "chip" in various image formats (NITF2.1, TIFF, SunRaster) and at various resolution levels (dots per inch).
Improved performance at the workstation, to roam and zoom large, high-quality images smoothly and jitter-free with the delivery of virtually continuous screen updates. Integration of additional state-of-the-art image analysis and report generation tools.
In addition, Lockheed Martin is for the first time offering financing options to qualified customers of this product line.
"We are particularly pleased to be able to offer entry-level customers financing terms that enable them to begin to manage their digital assets efficiently from the start," said Miriam Buzi, Intelligent Library System (ILS)TM marketing manager. "Rather than wait for the ‘digital pain’ to set in and be overwhelmed by the volume of accumulated files, our customers can benefit immediately from the robust tracking, retrieval, workflow and system management we offer with Intelligent Library System (ILS)TM — and expand as their needs grow over the years."
Lockheed Martin provides custom solutions from a scalable family of available Intelligent Library System (ILS)TM products, predicated on storage requirements, simultaneous workstation access and retrieval speed requirements. Hardware from leading pre-qualified vendors is available for the tailored, integrated solutions. More information about the product line can be found at Lockheed Martin is a recognized leader in remote sensing satellite and ground imagery processing technology systems that have provided timely earth imagery and data for thousands of scientists and analysts studying our planet.
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