Lockheed Martin’s Consolidated Space
Operations Contract has completed the design and installation of a new
Customer Support Room (CSR) in the Mission Control Center (MCC) at NASA’s
Johnson Space Center.

The Customer Support Room/ISS Management Center (CSR/IMC) supports two
major NASA programs: the Space Shuttle and International Space Station.
provides a monitoring and participation area during Shuttle flights and ISS
Stage operations for Program Managers, Program Integration Managers, and VIPs,
as well as for the management and personnel of traditional Shuttle payload
Data analyzed in the CSR/IMC provide the information mission
managers use to make decisions concerning the many Space Shuttle and ISS

“Successful delivery of this new capability required a comprehensive
project plan that integrated multiple contractors’ inputs,” said Doug Tighe,
program manager for CSOC.
“I am proud to say that despite several challenges,
we delivered the room on time and budget.”

“As with all ventures of this magnitude, customer feedback during all
stages of the project was critical to meeting project milestones,” said Dianne
Murphy, NASA’s Increment Manager.
“We are very pleased with the design,
construction, quality of workmanship and flexibility that this new room

The development of the room required demolishing several previously
existing rooms and designing a new infrastructure, which included Signal
Reference Grids, power and communications cables, ceiling and floor grids,
carpet, support equipment, furniture and environmental controls.

Once the infrastructure was in place, CSOC technicians, engineering and
staff support personnel installed a more productive and user-friendly support
center which included the installation of state-of-the-art workstations, new
flat panel monitors for the workstations, all new flat panel television
monitors, new overhead television monitors and new color laser printers.
completing the installation of this equipment and performing the necessary
functional tests, CSOC turned the room over to NASA for a planned flight

To date, the CSR has supported two missions and has been supporting ISS
operations since May 2001.
An official ribbon cutting for the room is being
planned for September 28, 2001.

CSOC is a $3-billion-plus contract awarded by NASA to Lockheed Martin, who
serves as the prime contractor to provide end-to-end space operations and
Mission and Data Services to both NASA and non-NASA customers.
CSOC manages
NASA’s data collection, telemetry and communications operations that support
Earth-orbiting satellites, planetary exploration, and human space flight
Services include data acquisition from spacecraft, data
transmission to end-users, data processing and storage, ground and space
communications, and mission control center operations.

Lockheed Martin Space Operations (LMSO) is a business unit of Lockheed
Martin Technology Services headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
high-tech engineering and science services firm, employs about 4,000
engineers, scientists and support personnel.
Services include managing CSOC;
software and hardware engineering for the Space Shuttle and International
Space Station; mission operations and planning systems design, development,
and integration; and human life sciences research.