The N-SAT-110
telecommunications satellite, designed and built for Space
Communications Corporation (SCC) and JSAT Corporation of Tokyo, Japan
by Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems (LMCSS), was shipped from
Sunnyvale, CA and arrived at the launch site in Kourou, French Guiana
yesterday where it will be readied for a Fall launch.

N-SAT-110 is a commercial satellite telecommunications program
awarded to LMCSS in November 1998. Commercial Space Systems will
provide the A2100AX satellite, ground station facilities and
operational support for the first six months of the satellite’s
initial operations. The satellite payload is composed of twenty-four
Ku-band direct broadcast television transponders and will operate at
110 degrees east longitude covering Japan and the local Asia region.

“We have completed all the required final system verification
activities and anticipate a successful launch and long-term presence
in the Asia region,” said Dave Durey, N-SAT-110 program manger,
Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems.

The spacecraft will be lofted into orbit on an Ariane 4 launch
vehicle provided by Arianespace of Evry, France. The launch contract
for N-SAT-110 was established by SCC and JSAT directly with
Arianespace. Commercial Space Systems will provide only information
necessary to ensure the successful launch and delivery of the
satellite into its intended orbit.

The A2100 family of satellites was developed by Lockheed Martin to
provide low-cost satellite systems to the commercial
telecommunications industry. A2100 utilizes technology that has been
proven in more than 30 years of development and flight experience.
Eighty percent of all components used on the satellite and ground
systems provided by Lockheed Martin are produced by the company, or by
other suppliers in the United States.

Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems markets, designs and
builds geostationary and non-geostationary telecommunications and
remote sensing satellites for customers worldwide. LMCSS is an
operating unit of Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, one of the
core business areas of the Lockheed Martin Corporation .
Lockheed Martin has a 41-year heritage of building reliable spacecraft
for commercial and military customers, having launched more than 875
spacecraft and clocking nearly 1,100 years of on-orbit performance

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