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Lockheed Martin-built IKONOS spacecraft provides local imagery; satellite built in Silicon Valley

SUNNYVALE, CA, Nov. 5, 1999 — The IKONOS satellite, designed and built in Sunnyvale by Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space for Space Imaging of
Denver, CO, has provided the first images of areas in San Francisco from space for the commercial market. The images are known as chips, which
are subsets of larger images.

The color image with four-meter resolution shows the Marina Green, the Presidio and the Fort Mason area. The black & white image with
one-meter resolution shows the Marina, the Hyde Street Pier and Pier 39. Those photos were taken Oct. 11. The images are available to be
downloaded from the Lockheed Martin website at:
Then click on “Latest Ikonos Imagery.”

In addition to the local photos, satellite imagery is available of the following cities: New York City, collected Oct. 11; Rome from Oct. 10;
Santorini, Greece, from Oct. 5; Tokyo from Oct. 6; Sapporo, Japan, taken Oct. 6; Sanaa, Yemen, collected Oct. 24; Cairo, taken Oct. 21; Cairo,
Egypt from Oct. 21; Taipei, Taiwan, from Oct. 21; Beijing, from Oct. 22. The black and white images are one-meter resolution and the color
photos are four-meter resolution. Please credit the photos to Space Imaging.

IKONOS is the most sophisticated remote sensing spacecraft ever launched for the commercial market — capable of photographing objects on the
ground as small as one meter. The LM900-series spacecraft was launched Sept. 24 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA, aboard an Athena II
launch vehicle supplied by Lockheed Martin Astronautics of Denver, CO. Since the launch, the satellite has been undergoing the in-orbit test
regimen to ensure all systems are operating nominally, and to precisely calibrate the imaging sensor. The images on the website were taken
during the testing period.

IKONOS represents the best in commercial remote sensing technology, providing high-resolution black-and-white and multispectral digital
pictures and other imagery.


For more information about the IKONOS satellite and associated imagery, please visit these websites:

http://lmms.external.lmco.com or http://www.spaceimaging.com