With the advent of private astronauts, commercial space traffic, and inventions such as the reusable Falcon rocket, the space industry is revolutionizing — one innovation at a time. But what trends are shaping the future of aerospace and who’s involved in this exciting transformation?

Speakers Sam Wiley, Connected Innovation Intelligence Evangelist at PatSnap, Dr. Alexander Reissner, CEO and Founder – Enpulsion, Mike Curtis-Rouse, Head of Manufacturing for Space, UK’s Space Application Catapult and guests joined the webinar: Space Innovation: The Trends Revolutionizing Aerospace.

You’ll learn:

  • How to locate non-obvious potential partners
  • Who the top innovators are in space technology (and how to find them)
  • The top trends shaping the future of space… and more!

Watch Space Innovation: The Trends Revolutionizing Aerospace