A Fitting Tribute

In reference to the launch of the ProtoStar– 2 satellite on May 16 [“ProtoStar Is Trying to Unload Its New Satellite,” May 25, page 4], at the time of the launch, Craig Gavin, vice president of ProtoStar, announced that the launch was dedicated to Philippe Sagar.

Philippe, an Australian-French national, joined ProtoStar in 2007 as its senior manager of strategy and regulatory affairs, based in its regional office in
. He had previously been a frequency coordination engineer at Eutelsat in

Philippe was closely involved with the preparations for the launch of ProtoStar’s satellites. Sadly, he died in May 2008, before the successful launch of ProtoStar-
1 in
July of that year.

The dedication of the launch of ProtoStar-2 was a fitting tribute to his work and to his commitment to the success of the ProtoStar venture.

David Sagar

(on behalf of Philippe Sagar’s family)