EU Code of Conduct Is Unrealistic

It seems appropriate that the European Union would lay out a Space “European Union Code of Conduct” in the form of a “gentleman’s agreement” [Commentary, “The European Code of Conduct:


Fears War in Space,” May 4, page 19]. After all, the member nations of the EU gave us Neville Chamberlain’s agreement with
that promised peace in our time, and World War II followed in just three or so years.

How is it that supposedly intelligent people can lay out such documents with no recognition that nation states that intend to do dastardly things are not concerned about whether they violate treaties, human rights or other conventions or morality we hold dear? To expect any possibility of preventing weapons in space, one must accept that a police force of some sort will be required. Further, to expect that the United Nations can in any way be involved in such a police force is to believe the tooth fairy really leaves the money under the pillow.

If the world is truly interested in maintaining space for peaceful uses only, then mankind must first find a way to prevent war, and second to prevent tyrants from coming to power in every nation, large and small. Somehow, these two have a low probability of success. The efforts of the nations of the world would be better spent in preparing for the almost certain weaponization of space rather than hoping that there will be no weapons in space.

Jim Vint

Nipomo, Calif.