Assertion Denied

Mr. Guiliano Berretta denies the assertion attributed to him in the lead paragraph of an article published March 16 [“Eutelsat Chief Unapologetic About Use of Chinese Launch Services,” page 1] that Eutelsat will use the Long March vehicle again, and in particular with the W3C satellite.

We also wish to clarify that in relation to Eutelsat’s recent contacts with the Elysee, Eutelsat declined to make any comment to Space News on the nature of discussions with the office of the French president. It is not Eutelsat’s place to speculate on change in government policy, and we regret that this was not reflected in the article by Space News.

Finally, it is incorrect to distill into a question of apology and regret a three-hour conversation with a reporter from Space News on the current constraints of the launcher market and its impact on the business of a commercial satellite operator.

Vanessa O’Connor


Corporate Communications Director