Space Solar Power: The Debate Goes On

Molly K. Macauley stated in her letter [“SSP Won’t Lessen OPEC Dependence,” Aug. 11, page 26] that since only 1.5 percent of U.S. electricity is oil-fired, electricity provided by Space Solar Power cannot contribute to alleviate a “massive transfer of wealth from the United States to [Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries] OPEC countries over the next 10 to 20 years.”

She was wrong. We must realize that Space Solar Power is only one of several options for generating pollution-free renewable electric power in the coming years. Other major options include wind, nuclear and ground-based solar power.

In time, clean electric power could replace nearly all the nation’s reliance on oil and natural gas for heating homes, offices and factories, as well as alleviating much of our dependence on gas and diesel fuel for transportation. It is clear that we need to evaluate all reasonable alternatives for clean renewable energy and move toward the day when we use oil only for the production of petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc., for which there are no substitutes.

O. Glenn Smith


Bring Back History Page

I noticed that in the last couple of issues of Space News, the section on history was omitted. I implore you to bring it back.

One of my favorite things and few pleasures I had was looking though the history section and remembering things that has happened in the aerospace world over the years. Some times we need to look backwards in order to move forward.

Martin “Marty” L. McCormick