Unsubstantiated Accusations

It is a habit of most of us active in the field of aerospace technologies to consult the

Space News

for new developments in the world and in the United States

, the leading nation in the field.

It is with great dismay for those of us at the Aero Testing Alliance

then to read

that some of those shaping the opinions among our fellow professionals publicly decry a lack of professional integrity amongst the European wind tunnel operators, without providing us with either an advanced warning or substantiating this accusation with any proof [“NASA’s Lower Level of Aeronautics Investment Criticized,” May 19, page 17].

This was done in the worthy cause of championing the aeronautical research capacity of


Most of us provide wind tunnel testing services on the global market. We do not have a big institutional funding authority

to support our operation, and our reputation for integrity and data security is a necessity when marketing our services. So far nobody has confronted us with leaking data to the competitors, which

to the best of our knowledge has never happened either. Numerous customers from all over the world have inspected, evaluated and approved our data handling procedures. If any data leakage has ever been discovered, we would be grateful for indications of this.

It is a pity that such unfounded claims, damaging colleagues who are used to constructive and trustworthy collaboration when not competing and fair and respectful interactions when competing, are being used to advance the very worthwhile cause of aeronautical research by

NASA, the world’s leading institution for aerospace research that

we all, including the Europeans, look to for providing leadership and inspiration in our chosen field.

We shall continue to provide the best service possible at a competitive price and with professional integrity.

G. Eitelberg, DNW German-Dutch Wind Tunnels

P. Wagner, Onera Wind Tunnels

D. Hunter, ARA

G. Dietz, European Transonic Windtunnel GmbH