Queen of England She Is Not!

I must draw your attention to a blunder in an item titled “Queen of England To Visit Goddard ” [April 30, page 8].

How many times is it necessary to write to newspapers in this country to tell them they are quite wrong to call her the ” Queen of England”? She is not the Queen of England.

Nor is she the Queen of Britain or even Great Britain. She is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. If this is too much for Space News to handle, you can shorten it to something like “H.M. Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom.”

Is George W. Bush the “President of America”? That is how clumsy and ignorant it appears.

If you cover her visit to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in a future issue, do please try to get it right!

David A. Nixon

Los Angeles