Wagner Should Stand

Strong for Radyne

Monarch Activist Partners and the Discovery Group may want Radyne to sell itself to a larger company


Radyne Shareholder Says Company Should Pursue Sale,” News Briefs, Jan. 28, page 3],

but this investor emphatically does not. There is little evidence that consolidation in the aerospace industry has benefited the space industry or, therefore, long-term investors and the national interest. While large private-equity investors want to take the money and run, some of us invest for the future and want to see this and other companies managed that way.

Chief Executive Myron Wagner made exactly the right move to purchase AeroAstro and create a new company able to compete for small prime contracts. Not only does that give Radyne a chance to grow into a larger company – to become the next Orbital Sciences – it forces the larger prime contractors to keep their quality up and their prices down, which benefits the competitiveness of the larger

U.S. space industry.

This investor hopes that Mr. Wagner continues to stand fast and do what is right for his business and the people who have invested in his company and its future. He should resist those who are only interested in forcing a quick rise in the stock price so that they can get rich quick – at the expense of an important company and a vital American industry.

Donald F. Robertson

San Francisco