I have read Stephen Hawking’s latest remarks on space travel and the importance of it to human survival. The problem is
NASA is going about it all the wrong way. Here is an idea:
send battle hardened, strong-minded soldiers and
Marines on the long trips into space. We are conditioned to live with the bare minimal life necessities and are trained to be prepared for all the worse conditions that any environment could throw at us.


Hell, me and my men will go, set up a colony somewhere and await colonists to arrive. Me and most of my men are on our third
or fourth
deployment into a combat area;
we are scouts –
reconnaissance specialists. We go before everyone else and spend time living off the land. Sounds just like the type of men needed for a long colo
zation journey. Please pass the
message on to anyone
in the space program:

there are many men already trained and prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country and the human race.


SFC William Ruth

101st Airborne Division,