I was so happy to see SpaceNews recognize several of the many young, talented, hardworking, selfless professionals who are fueling efforts to make space safer for the generations to come in the story “Stand Up, Space Greta.”

So often, the loudest, oldest, and most flamboyant “experts” suck all of the air out of the room. However, I know that “it will take a village” from across many domains, many countries, and many generations to make space sustainability a reality.

For the ones of us who have had the pleasure to work on these issues for decades, our jobs are to not only strive to make the space environment sustainable but also make the industrial workforce sustainable by raising up, mentoring, and celebrating the next generation of thought leaders. This SpaceNews article provided an impactful call for others to join the ranks of Rebeca, Emily, Erin, Leonardo, Yelena, and Zaria – that is a valuable contribution to the cause! 

Putting Greta on the cover of SpaceNews was a compelling way to attract the exact people that we need to enlist to enable space sustainability.

Thank you for giving these people a voice and a place at the podium; so often, it is just the established players in the field getting that opportunity. 

Dr. Darren McKnight
Senior Technical Fellow, LeoLabs