WHAT: Designed for families with children, the LEGOÆ Life on Mars Encounter
is a traveling truck show featuring a 48-foot tractor-trailer and adjacent
tents packed with fun, interactive space-related activities.

DETAILS: The LEGO Life on Mars Encounter tour is a one-of-a-kind event that
encourages kids of all ages to learn more about space and Mars while having
fun at the same time. To encourage kids to learn more about space, as well
as to build their interest in Mars exploration, the show features an orange
48-foot tractor trailer brimming with a ‘truckload’ of colorful, spectacular
LEGO space-themed creations and real space artifacts. The ‘Encounter’? is
centered on the debut of the new LEGO Life on Mars line of toys.

Coming Soon…a 360 Degree Virtual Truck Tour!!!

Inside the truck: Included inside the truck are displays inspired by both
fantasy and reality. Youngsters are invited to push buttons and discover
what surprises happen. The interior is designed to look like a futuristic,
high-tech space habitat with realistic artifacts and creative displays.

For example, the Red Planet Protector display features a large replica of
what a Mars protection vehicle might look like. Youngsters are invited to
control its movements by pushing different buttons to start the action. The
alien x-ray allows kids to touch a screen to highlight different parts of
the alien?s anatomy revealing funny, fantastic LEGO organs. Watch out?it
might be alive! Did its eyes just blink?! Kids also can learn about the real
International Space Station (ISS). A replica of the ISS made completely with
LEGO bricks is showcased in the truck and includes interesting facts and

Outside the truck: Step outside the truck into a two-tent LEGO Mars
playground. Here, kids of all ages can explore, build and participate in a
wide variety of LEGO activities. One tent includes a variety of activities
for school-aged children like the crater leap race ramp. Kids build unique
space vehicles, then race against two of their friends on the ramp?s bumpy
terrain. At the Martian race activity, kids compete to see who can navigate
their aliens over the planet maze surface the fastest by air pumping their
alien to the finish line first. Kids also can get their picture taken with a
five-foot-tall LEGO alien! A baby/preschool tent contains hands-on displays
and play areas where babies and preschoolers can immerse themselves in an
interactive, fun LEGO playland designed just for them! A four-foot LEGO
replica of Bob from the new Nickelodeon TV series ?Bob the Builder? greets
visitors as they enter to play. Youngsters can race vehicles down a small
race ramp, play with toys inside the playhouse and play in pools overflowing
with LEGO BABY and LEGO DUPLOÆ elements. Youngsters also will have the
opportunity to meet astronauts and receive autographs in select cities.

WHERE: The traveling show kicks off in Boston and will visit science centers
and museums throughout North America, including New York, New Jersey,
Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Tucson, Houston, and Cape Canaveral.

The complete schedule is available here:


WHEN: June through October

ADMISSION: Admission to the LEGO Life on Mars Encounter is FREE! The truck
will be located at each location’s parking lot. Parking and museum admission
is dependent upon each location.