The launch of Kodiak Star for NASA and the DoD Space Test Program aboard a
Lockheed Martin Athena 1 launch vehicle is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 29.
There is a three-hour launch window extending from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

The effect of solar flare activity is being monitored. It continues a
gradual decline and may be within the acceptable limit at some time during
the launch window. As of late Thursday, the weather forecast for Saturday
was favorable for a launch attempt with approximately a 15% chance of
weather criteria violation. However, after solar flare activity was
factored in, the chance of not meeting the criteria was 60%.

Launch coverage on NASA Television will begin at 4 p.m. ADT (8 p.m. EDT).
NASA Television is found on GE-2, transponder 9 (C band), located at 85
degrees West. In Alaska, the satellite transponder for launch coverage has
changed to Galaxy 10, transponder 21 (Ku band), located at 123 degrees West.
Audio is also available on the “V” circuits that may accessed directly at
321/867-1220, 1240, 1260, 7135, 4003. Coverage will also be webcast and may
be accessed via the NASA Kennedy Space Center home page at