Thanks to a recent upgrade, visitors to Kennedy Space Center’s online
Multimedia Gallery are no
longer limited to searching only for photos. The Gallery has been expanded
to include video clips of significant Center events in addition to the still
photography archive already provided.

Space Shuttle pre-launch preparations, launches and landings comprise the
majority of the videos, although expendable vehicle launches, weekly KSC
Direct! news briefs and other happenings are frequently showcased. The
videos are provided in a downloadable RealMedia format in two different
sizes for visitors using 56K modems or Cable/Broadband connections.

“We consistently receive feedback through our ongoing Web survey that our
visitors are very interested in videos and photos,” said Dennis Armstrong,
KSC Web Media Manager. “Adding videos to the Multimedia Gallery will provide
our visitors with a one-stop resource for KSC multimedia.”

The KSC Web site officially began providing video coverage with the launch
of STS-104 in July 2001, allowing Web site visitors to view clips excerpted
from NASA TV as well as some KSC Web-exclusive videos. The Multimedia
Gallery has been online with KSC’s still photography archive since November
2001, when it went live along with a home page redesign. Visitors can search
the Center’s video archive and extensive still photo archive using a variety
of methods, including dates and keywords.

The Kennedy Space Center Web site, launched in 1993, has traditionally
focused on KSC-specific information such as Space Shuttle missions, Space
Station processing and expendable launch vehicles. Recently, however,
several new links to other online NASA resources have been added. During
Fiscal Year 2001, the KSC Web site received more than 250 million hits and 4
million visitors. The KSC home page is located at