Bruce Buckingham
NASA Kennedy Space Center
KSC Release No.: 109-00
Note to Editors:
Accredited members of the media who request and qualify for annual badges at Kennedy Space Center, Fla., may pick up their year 2001 annual credentials beginning today.
All current annual badge holders must reapply for the 2001 annual badges. Applications are to be made by submitting a letter on company letterhead with the following information: Full name and mailing address, Social Security number, date of birth, and position at the news organization. Letters can be mailed to the KSC Press Site, Attention Patti Beck, Mail Code XA-E1, Kennedy Space Center, Fla., 32899. Letters can also be faxed to: 321-867-2692.
Year 2000 annual badges are valid through Jan. 31, 2001.
Media requesting annual badges are reminded of the NASA criteria for media accreditation. See the NASA media accreditation policy at: .