Kleos Space (ASX: KSS), a space-powered radio frequency reconnaissance data-as-a-service (DaaS)
company, has partnered with NASDAQ-listed geospatial analytics company Satellogic (NASDAQ: SATL) to
pursue government and commercial tenders.

Satellogic is a leading provider of high-resolution satellite imagery to governments and commercial
customers globally, and currently has 17 satellites in low earth orbit. Its high-resolution, high-frequency
earth observation platform improves access and affordability of geospatial data for mainstream

Kleos currently has eight satellites in orbit and a further eight launching H1 2022, which collect radio
frequency transmissions over key areas of interest to produce its Guardian LOCATE data products. It can
be used to validate or tip and cue existing datasets or establish a baseline pattern of behaviour.

Under the partnership, Kleos’ RF data will be layered with other types of earth observation data as a
comprehensive intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) offering. The integrated datasets
improve situational awareness and provide critical insights, which enable decision-making at scale for
government customers. The partnership opens the doors for collaboration on current opportunities as
well as many future opportunities.

Kleos’ Chief Revenue Officer, Eric von Eckartsberg, said, “Satellogic is a complementary geospatial data
and analytics provider, and we are leveraging our combined products and technology to secure large-
scale government and commercial tenders. Satellogic will lead the tender response on opportunities, and
we look forward to supporting them with our precision radio frequency geolocation data, low earth orbit
technology and industry know-how. We’re really looking forward to unlocking new capabilities from the
fusion of these datasets and are confident our customers, both government and commercial, will realise
significant benefits.

Commenting on the partnership, President at Satellogic North America, Matt Tirman said, “Collaboration
is key in advancing geospatial technology for complex and global-scale missions. We believe this
partnership will accelerate the development and deployment of breakthrough ISR capabilities to enable
more effective and timely strategies in identifying and mitigating emerging threats.”

Kleos’ radio frequency geolocation data enhances the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR)
capabilities of governments and commercial entities. It improves the detection of illegal activity, including
piracy, drug and people smuggling, and border security challenges. Its global activity-based data
complements existing commercial datasets, as it does not rely on the presence of positioning systems,
such as GPS or AIS.

Kleos currently has eight satellites in orbit with launches for its Patrol and Observer Missions scheduled
for April and June 2022 respectively. The Patrol and Observer Missions will each increase Kleos’ daily
global coverage by 119 million km2.

Satellogic is projected to scale its constellation to 60+ satellites in orbit by 2023 for weekly global
coverage, and 200+ by 2025 for daily global coverage. Each satellite has a daily data collection capacity
of 300,000 km2 and is equipped with high-resolution multispectral imagery, hyperspectral imagery, and
full-motion video capabilities.

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Kleos is a space-enabled radio frequency reconnaissance data-as-a-service company with operations in
Luxembourg, the US and UK. Kleos locates radio transmissions in key areas of interest around the globe,
efficiently uncovering data points to expose human activity on land and sea. Using clusters of four
satellites, proprietary radio frequency data (RF Data) is collected, transmitted to the ground, processed,
and delivered to customers worldwide. Customers, including analytics and intelligence entities, will
license data on a subscription basis (Data-as-a-Service aka DaaS), for government and commercial use
cases – aiding better and faster decision making. Kleos’ first satellite cluster, the Kleos Scouting Mission
(KSM), successfully launched in November 2020 is performing as a test and technology demonstration
whilst collecting data. The company’s second satellite cluster, the Vigilance Mission, successfully
launched in June 2021 and its Patrol Mission is scheduled to launch in April 2022. These satellite clusters
form the foundation of a global high-capacity constellation of up to 20 satellite clusters, which will deliver
high value global observation. For more information visit www.kleos.space