The July 4 issue of SpaceNews Magazine features a cover story by Peter de Selding on Britain’s decision to exit the EU and what it means for Europe’s space sector, while Debra Werner checks in with some of Scotland’s space startups. The Brexit analysis continues with a My Take guest column by Jennifer Manner, EchoStar’s senior vice president of regulatory affairs,  examining what Britain’s decision means to satellite operators.

Jeff Foust, meanwhile, talks with Stratolaunch boss Chuck Beames, tours the Scaled Composites factory where Stratolaunch’s giant airplane is being built and explains why Paul Allen’s winged behemoth might soon get a new name. 

InWhat’s Going to Succeed WGS?”, Mike Gruss breaks down the Pentagon’s decision-making process on how it will meet the Defense Department’s wideband satcom needs in the decade just ahead.

In “Spaceflight at the Movies,” Robert Pearlman dissects the wave of realistic space exploration movies Hollywood continues to churn out while Library of Congress fellow Cameron Hunter screens The Martian through a slightly different lens in his first Commentary for the magazine, “When U.S.-China Space Cooperation Wasn’t Just Hollywood Fantasy.

The new issue also contains our regular staff columns: Foust Forward, The Bottom Line and Milspace Briefing.

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Brian Berger is editor in chief of SpaceNews.com and the SpaceNews magazine. He joined SpaceNews.com in 1998, spending his first decade with the publication covering NASA. His reporting on the 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia accident was...