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* WHAT: Take your space in history! Join an elite group of
adventurers as they travel into the sky to secure the best
possible view of Mir’s fiery return to earth. While others
witness this historic event from their living room sofas, you
can be there, 30,000 feet up, and just 200 miles away from this
once-in-a-lifetime event.

* HIGHLIGHTS: Witness history in the company of numerous air and
space dignitaries. Joining you on the flight will be several
American astronauts, Russian cosmonauts and celebrities. Also on
board will be well-known media personalities documenting the

Call us for details: 800-644-7382

* WHEN: The Adventure is currently set to begin March 11, 2001
from Los Angeles, CA. This date is subject to change. Contact
Incredible Adventures for the latest information.

* WHERE: You’ll depart from Los Angeles, CA, bound for the South
Pacific Staging Area. Flight time is approximately 8 hours.
There, you’ll spend at least one night in Papeete, Tahiti before
boarding our observation expedition charter aircraft. Estimated
air travel time to the Mir Reentry Observation Area is four

* HOW MUCH: Pricing is based on seat location. Window seats are
$10,000, second seat from window is $8,000, aisle seat is $6000
and center seat is $5000. Limited availability exists in some
seat categories. Seats are only sold one side of the aircraft.

* VIEWING: The total time available for viewing Mir Re-entry
from our observation expedition aircraft is estimated to be 4 to
5 minutes. Viewing will be possible from the windows on one side
of the aircraft, as well as from aircraft television monitors.

* ODDS & ENDS: The price includes the Mir Reentry observation
flight, round trip coach air travel from LAX to Tahiti, up to
two nights lodging and meals in Tahiti, photos and video footage
of this historic event.

* REQUEST INFORMATION NOW: Space is limited, demand will be
very high and this event is coming up soon! We highly recommend
that you send in your APPLICATION as soon as possible.
To receive information and a Mir Expedition Application call
800-644-7382, or visit our web site:


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Call us for details: 800-644-7382

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