Jody A. Singer has been named deputy manager of the Space Shuttle
Projects Office at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville,

In her new position, Singer will oversee the work of several hundred
engineers and technicians who are responsible for the flight safety,
performance and hardware integrity of the Space Shuttle’s
propulsion elements including the Main Engines, Solid Rocket
Boosters, Reusable Solid Rocket Motors and External Tank.

As deputy manager, Singer joins the elite Senior Executive Service, a
corps of men and women who administer public programs at the top
levels of federal government.

Singer was previously assistant manager of the Space Shuttle Project

She began her NASA career in 1985 in the Marshall Center’s
Program Development Office. She joined the Space Shuttle Projects
Office in 1987, where she was responsible for tracking and evaluating
contractor hardware deliveries on the Space Shuttle Main Engine

She was appointed program business manager for the Space
Shuttle’s External Tank Project in 1990, and became the
project’s assistant manager in 1996. She was appointed deputy of
the External Tank Project in 1998, and served in that capacity until
assigned as assistant manager of the Space Shuttle Project Office in

Singer has been recognized with NASA’s Exceptional Service
Medal, the Agency’s award for Improved Financial and Resource
Management, and as a Space Flight Awareness Honoree. She also
participated in two NASA Fellowships: at the Simmons College Graduate
School of Management in Boston, and at Pennsylvania State University
in State College, Pa. NASA Fellowship participants are chosen for
their leadership, management ability, work experience and

Singer received her bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering
from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.