Astronaut Soichi Noguchi, from the National Space
Development Agency of Japan (NASDA), has been named to the
crew of STS-113 and is expected to fly into orbit aboard the
Space Shuttle Endeavour in July 2002.

This will be Noguchi’s first flight into space, and he will be
the fifth Japanese astronaut to fly aboard the shuttle.
Noguchi will be the second Japanese astronaut to visit the
International Space Station, adding to the Japanese
contributions to the assembly and operation of the most
significant science and technology project ever undertaken.

The STS-113 mission, a Utilization and Logistics Flight (ULF-
1), is planned for 10 days with a crew of made up of seven
astronauts. Endeavour will carry experiment and resupply
equipment in the Multipurpose Logistics Module to the
International Space Station. Two space walks also are planned.
Noguchi is the first crew member to be named to this flight.
The other crew assignments have yet to be determined.

Prior to becoming an astronaut, Noguchi joined Ishikawajima-
Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. In 1991. He was selected as
an astronaut by the NASDA in 1996 and reported to NASA’s
Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, later that year.

Having completed two years of training and evaluation, he is
qualified as a mission specialist. While waiting for his
flight assignment, Noguchi was assigned technical duties in
the Astronaut Office Payloads/Habitability Branch.

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