James F. Albaugh, President, Boeing
Space & Communications Group, Lt. General Eugene Tatini, Commander, AF Space &
Missile Systems Center, and Dr. Edward Stone, Director, NASA JPL have joined
together to organize the SPACE 2000 Conference & Exposition, 19-21 September
2000 at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA, USA.

Under their leadership, an impressive list of the industry’s brightest
stars will assemble to share their visions of what space will be in the years
New missions, new opportunities, and new challenges will be identified
and discussed throughout the three-day conference in a unique blend of plenary
panels and technical sessions.
The five plenary panels are designed to
provide a forum for the leaders of the space community to discuss the key
issues and obstacles that must be overcome as we proceed into the next decade
of space development.
These five plenary panel discussions are described in
detail below.

19 September: Opening Session: Visions of Space: Leaders of the space
community will provide their vision of space. Speakers include Rudy de Leon,
Dan Goldin, Keith Hall, John Douglass, and Bernard Schwartz.

20 September: Military Missions in Space: Lt. Gen. Eugene Tattini will
moderate as leaders from the Navy, Air Force, Army, U.S. Space Command, and
NRO offer their thoughts on such key issues as new threats and new
responsibilities for our services in the future. Panelists include: Gen. Ralph
Eberhart, Adm. Jay L. Johnson, Lt. Gen. Ronald T. Kadish, David Kier, and Lt.
Gen. John Costello.

20 September: Business of Space: Lon Rains, editor, Space News will
moderate as a panel of CEOs from large, medium, and small companies provide
their unique insight into the future of space business and the new products
and services on the horizon. Panelists include: Al Smith, James Evatt, Mike
Smith, Hugh Panero, Don Van Landingham, and Paul Graziani.

21 September: New Civil Space Horizon: Dr. Edward Stone will lead a
distinguished group of panelists from a broad mix of agencies and departments,
including NASA, NOAA, Commerce, and OMB in a discussion on our civil space
program and its future. Panelists include: Joseph H. Rothenberg, Dr. James
Baker, and Dr. Edward J. Weiler.

21 September: Space on the National Agenda: E.C. “Pete” Aldridge,
President & CEO, The Aerospace Corporation, will lead key voices in the space
arena in a candid discussion of past achievements and the critical role space
will play in our future. Panelists include Lt. Col. Vic Villhard, Craig
Covault, Robert Crippen, and Robert Walker.

For conference details or to register online, please visit the conference
web site at http://aiaaspace2000.cal.boeing.com or contact AIAA by phone:
800/639-2422, fax: 703/264-7657, or e-mail: custserv@aiaa.org

The Boeing Company is the general sponsor for the Space 2000 Conference
and Exhibit. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
serves as the host and organizer. AIAA is the largest professional/technical
society, leading content provider, and principal voice on behalf of aerospace
professionals on all aspects of aviation, space, and defense.