Iridium Satellite LLC, the world’s
only truly global mobile satellite communications company, today announced an
agreement with Satellite Distribution Services, Inc.
(SDSI), headquartered in
Washington, DC, for management of its worldwide distribution channels.
the terms of the five-year agreement, SDSI will work with Iridium Satellite
management and its investor companies to build a global network of leading
service providers that will sell its satellite-based communications solutions
to industrial users worldwide.

“Building a solid distribution network that can deliver Iridium services
to industrial markets represents a key component of our overall marketing
We will use experienced service providers that understand our
target markets and the satellite services we will offer,” said Dan Colussy,
chairman and CEO of Iridium Satellite LLC.
“SDSI’s service provider expertise
will complement Iridium’s internal marketing team, and our experienced
investor-affiliated companies to enable us to quickly launch commercial
service in the satellite communications marketplace.”

Iridium, which is preparing to launch its mobile satellite communications
service to industrial and commercial users, will use SDSI to support its
channel relationships with top-tier telecommunications and satellite service
SDSI will support the global marketing efforts undertaken by
Iridium Satellite through direct interface with the distribution channels.
Specifically, SDSI will help identify potential service providers, provide
service provider training and assist with implementation of tactical marketing

“Iridium Satellite is launching a completely new venture that promises to
deliver extremely compelling voice and data solutions for industrial users in
remote locations.
As a leader in the satellite communications distribution
market, we believe this is an ideal opportunity to expand our service
offering,” said Bob Roe, vice president and general manager of SDSI.
“With a
new business plan focused on the vertical markets and a significantly reduced
cost structure, we expect Iridium service to become a mainstay of the
satellite communications offerings worldwide.”

About Iridium Satellite LLC

Iridium Satellite LLC is the only provider of truly global mobile
satellite voice and data solutions with complete coverage of the Earth
(including oceans, airways and Polar Regions).
Through a constellation of 66
low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites operated by The Boeing Company,
Iridium delivers essential communications services to and from remote areas
where no other form of communications is available.
The service is ideally
suited for industrial applications such as heavy construction,
defense/military, emergency services, maritime, mining, forestry, oil & gas
and aviation.
Iridium currently provides service to the U.S. Department of
Defense and will launch commercial service in early 2001.

About Satellite Distribution Services Inc.

SDSI, a wholly owned subsidiary of Stratos Global Corporation, was created to provide channel management and marketing
services on behalf of Iridium Satellite to service providers whose customers
are operating in remote locations requiring a variety of wireless, IP, data
and voice solutions through a range of newly emerging and established
Stratos, SDSI’s parent company, serves an array of diverse
markets including government, military, industrial, recreational and maritime
users anywhere in the world.
Stratos is 62 percent owned by Aliant Inc.
Further information is available at .