SatTalk II Offers Affordable, Global Coverage For Private Aircraft to Enhance Safety

Satellite LLC and Icarus Instruments, Inc. today announced the commercial
availability of the SatTalk II, a satellite-based aeronautical voice and data
communications system that provides aircraft crew and passengers with
reliable, worldwide communications in the air and on the ground.

Ideal for operators of individual aircraft and corporate jets, the SatTalk
II offers a lightweight, affordable alternative to traditional satellite-based
systems that cost upward of $500,000.
As a safety tool, the system works at
any altitude, is accessible globally and provides secure and reliable data and
voice connections.

“Previously, private pilots and owners of corporate jets were either
relegated to an expensive option or to having no communications at all,” said
Steve Silverman, president of Icarus Instruments. “Plus, the Iridium system
enables travelers to send and receive phone calls and e-mails from anywhere in
the world during a flight.”

All voice and data communications are transmitted from the aircraft’s
fixed Iridium antenna to the Iridium satellite constellation. The Motorola
Satellite Series 9505 portable phone fits into a docking station within the
aircraft, and can be easily removed for use on the ground. Flight crewmembers
can use aviation headsets to place and receive calls while simultaneously
monitoring air traffic control (ATC) communications.

ATC communications automatically override an in-progress call, placing the
Iridium call on hold until the ATC communications are complete. Passengers in
quiet cabins may use a lightweight headset with boom microphone or telephone

“With the issues of safety and security taking center stage in the
industry, our relationship with Icarus allows us to offer a reliable and
affordable communications system to the corporate and private aviation
sectors,” said Gino Picasso, Iridium Satellite’s CEO.
“The SatTalk II system
is one of many Iridium-based applications that meets the needs of
organizations operating in areas without traditional communication systems.”

Key benefits of the SatTalk II system include:

— Portable and lightweight system, with small fixed exterior antenna.

— Easily installed on all aircraft types, including turbo prop, light
jets and helicopters.

— Affordable and global communications system that can be used as backup
if radios malfunction or are unavailable.

— Data services allow any laptop computer to access the Internet using
standard Web browsers and e-mail software, with no additional fees.

SatTalk II equipment is available from Iridium service partners for about

About Iridium Satellite LLC

Iridium Satellite LLC is the only provider of truly global satellite voice
and data solutions with complete coverage of the Earth (including oceans,
airways and Polar Regions).
Through a constellation of 66 low-earth orbiting
(LEO) satellites operated by The Boeing Company, Iridium delivers essential
communications services to and from remote areas where no other form of
communication is available.
The service is ideally suited for industrial
applications such as heavy construction, defense/military, emergency services,
maritime, mining, forestry, oil & gas and aviation.
Iridium currently
provides service to the U.S. Department of Defense under a multi-year

Iridium works with 18 seasoned service partners to sell and support the
service globally.
For more information, please visit
or call 866-947-4348 (in the U.S.); +1 480-752-5155 (internationally).

About Icarus Instruments, Inc.

Founded in 1987, Icarus Instruments provides innovative avionics equipment
to owners and operators of private aircraft and corporate jets. Its product
line includes the AltAlert, the first low-cost, fully functional altitude
alerter available for general aviation aircraft, and the NavAlert, which
provides a remote display of important global positioning system (GPS) data.
The company is headquartered in Takoma Park, Md.
For more information, please
visit .