On behalf of NASA’s Earth Science Enterprise I would like to invite you to
attend our first annual Earth Science Technology Conference (ESTC-2001),
which will be held in the Washington DC area later this summer.
ESTC 2001 is an opportunity for the Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO)
to showcase technologies being developed for future Earth science
measurement missions. This conference is intended for NASA managers,
technologists and scientists, as well as researchers in NASA, academia and

The conference will consist of two parallel sessions of technical
presentation covering topics in the areas of instruments, information
systems and platforms. Presentations will be given by researchers who are
being funded by NASA. For the researchers participating in this
conference, this is an opportunity to describe their research in a forum
that will provide visibility to NASA planners who may be in a position to
incorporate the results of their research into a future Earth science
measurement mission. A complete agenda for the conference will be posted
at the address provided below.

Some details about the conference:

TITLE: Earth Science Technology Conference (ESTC 2001)

DATES: 28, 29, 30 August 2001

LOCATION: University of Maryland Conference Center, College Park, MD

INFO & REGISTRATION: http://esto.nasa.gov

For other questions contact Dr. Glenn Prescott at gprecot@hq.nasa.gov .