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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (September 27, 2000) – As
part of a joint space awareness initiative, the
Space Foundation and United Space Alliance (USA)
have launched the “Gateway to America’s 100th
Space Shuttle Flight” web site, as announced
today by the Space Foundation. The site,
located at, is
designed as a single entry point to scores of
Internet sites relating to all aspects of the
100th mission and the Space Shuttle.

Discovery STS-92–the centenary shuttle flight–
is scheduled for liftoff from Kennedy Space
Center, on October 5, 2000 on an International
Space Station assembly mission. Complete STS-
92 information is available through the gateway
site, as well as shuttle history, NASA shuttle
information, USA and other shuttle contractor
Internet resources, space technologies, industry
links, news, commentary and educational links.

“Few icons so potently portray the United
States’ technical abilities, aspirations and
sheer will as does NASA’s Space Shuttle,” said
Space Foundation Executive Vice President Elliot
Pulham. “The Flight 100 web site is meant to
inform, educate and entertain, much in the same
way the shuttle still makes news, inspires
Hollywood and attracts millions of visitors to
its home spaceport nearly 20 years after its
first flight,” he said.

The Colorado Springs-based Space Foundation is a
national non-profit organization. In support of
its space awareness mission, “To vigorously
advance civil, commercial and national security
space endeavors for a brighter future,” the
Foundation annually conducts the upcoming
International Space Symposium, set for October
24-26, 2000 in Washington, DC, and the National
Space Symposium, April 9-12, 2001 in Colorado

United Space Alliance, which conducts Space
Shuttle operations, is
headquartered in Houston, Texas, and is the
joint venture of Boeing and
Lockheed Martin.

More information on the Space Foundation can be
found at and on
United Space Alliance at